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CQ10 Health Benefits

CQ10 health benefits often puzzle many people because they simply confuse various terms associated with this supplement. In particular, CQ10 is often referred to as COQ10, Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone and sometimes is even referred to as Vitamin Q.

 CQ10 is an Integral Part of Our Metabolism

What is certain is that CQ10 health benefits are well established and have been since the discovery of this much-needed natural substance in 1957. Discovered rather than invented because the substance is an integral part of our metabolism and is present in every cell in the human body because it is required by every cell. In fact, COQ10 is a vitamin-like antioxidant which works within the body together with other enzymes. In truth, one commentator in one of the many studies is of the opinion that human life cannot exist without Coenzyme CQ10.

Major Coenzyme CQ10 Health Benefits are many and include Assists in treating congestive failure of the heart;

1.Facilitates an improvement in nerve functions; 2.CQ10 is a prime element in the creation of cellular energy; 3. Provides defence against strokes and other heart related problems; 4. Assists in the improvement of blood pressure related problems; 5. It is seen by many as an anti-aging compound because of its powerful antioxidant capacity to destroy harmful free radicals; 6. Some medical practitioners believe that CQ10 assists in controlling glucose in type2 diabetes; 7. Some studies suggest that a large dose of 400mg can help with prostate and breast cancer remissions.

 COenzyme Q10 And Statins

 As always there may well be some side-effects when taking any substance and Coenzyme CQ10 is no exception although any side-effects are exceedingly rare and are usually restricted to various digestive ailments such as diarrhoea, lack of appetite and an upset stomach.

However, if you are taking statins to lower your cholesterol levels there may well be serious problems as some popular drugs such as Mevacor, Zocor and Lipitor can actually reduce your levels of CQ10 antixidant. In fact, at least one doctor thinks that these drugs then become part of the problem associated with congestive heart failure. Therefore, anyone taking statins must discuss with their own doctor the likely side-effects that may occur in taking any form of food or health supplements.

Nevertheless, over the past 40 or so years there have been many studies of the CQ10 health benefits that have come up with sufficient proof that CQ10 helps to preserve strong cardiovascular and immune systems along with other healthy organs and tissues. Regrettably, as we get older, our bodies find it difficult to produce the required level of CQ10 and even if we stick to a healthy diet aging begins to take its inexorable toll. Therefore, there may be no alternative than to evaluate the CQ10 health benefits offered by this supplement.

If you are thinking about supplements to your normal diet, talk it over with your family doctor. It's really important if you are using drugs which could affect your prescribed medication - better be safe than sorry. You should know that some supplements may have side-effects and these may affect your well-being.



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